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Hammar Release Systems & Inflators

Hammar Easy Release

Manual Release for Life Rafts

Key Features
  • Early and controlled manual release of liferafts before vessel sinks
  • Used together with Hammar H20R
  • Slip hook system is designed to be safe and easy to use
  • Strong construction in stainless steel
  • Will withstand 15 kN + lashing load
  • Simply pull tab to release with only one hand required

Hammar Remote Release Systems

Electronic and Manual RRS

Key Features
  • Enables you to release liferafts from the bridge or any other
  • Strategic location onboard
  • Save previous time and lives during emergency
  • Crew does not need to take unnecessary risks to release liferafts
  • Valuable deck space freed for passengers or cargo
Manual Remote Release Systems (Mrrs)
  • Operates via vacuum pump
  • Suitable for installations up to 50m in length
  • No power supply required
Electronic Remote Release Systems (Errs)
  • Customised configuration
  • Installations more than 50m in length

Hammar Smart Lifejacket Inflator

Smart Automatic Lifejacket Inflator

Key Features
  • Activates automatically when you are submerged and reach 10cm water depth
  • Smart activation based on pressure difference between the internal and the external pressure of the inflator
  • Will not incorrectly activate through just water exposure
  • Can also be manually activated
  • 5 years service life
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Hammar Easy Release
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