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UHF Marine Radio

UHF Marine Radios

Ship operators and crew of shipping companies are often advised by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore to offer proper guidance and supervision to their shipmasters on several aspects – from security plans to clear lines of communication. For the safety of life while out at sea and to support efficient navigation, radio communications are a must. Of all the two-way radios available, UHF radios are designed for rigorous life at sea. Be it for on-board communications in ship operations, loading and unloading processes, or mooring, UHF radios, also known as Ultra-High Frequency radios, offers crew members a conduit for real-time communication with each other, optimally connecting all operating environments. Hence, for ship owners and partners searching for reliable and clear voice communication solutions, these two-way radios are the ultimate solution.

Revolutionising Marine Communications

It is critical to understand that in the marine line, mobile phones are no substitute for marine radios. Although phones are a valuable backup communication system, the direct communication, ruggedness, heavy-duty batteries, and the quick response provided through marine radios remain unrivalled.

As such, leveraging the functionalities and characteristics of UHF radios for your ship navigation systems and communication needs is ideal. Not to be confused with a VHF radio (Very High Frequency radio), the higher frequency spectrum of the UHF radios complements the wide-open spaces of modern merchant vessels. Supporting the easy penetration of radio signals through robust materials such as concrete and metal structures, they are suitable for use in a range of industries including factory floors and construction. More compact and equipped with a shorter antenna, UHF radios also allow for easy storage and for use in situations where longer antennas are impractical.

Authorised Distributor of UHF Marine Radios

Established in 1997, Allied eParts is one of the market-leading distributors for marine electronics in Asia. Boasting a range of radios from established brands such as Entel – from analogue portable to intrinsically safe radios – that run on UHF frequencies, you can rest assured that you’ll find two-way radios and other marine electronics that meet your needs. Beyond being high-quality and cost-effective, our extensive catalogue of marine radios is sourced from reputable marine brands that meet industry standards and comply with special regulations such as the IMO Solas Fire Fighting Regulation. Find the right solution for your UHF radio needs on our online store, or get in touch with us for a quote.