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VHF Marine Radio

VHF Marine Radios

Communication is important out at sea. VHF marine radios are commonly used on ships and vessels as a critical piece of radio equipment for two way communication between ships and between ship and port. Providing consistent reception, VHF marine radios are not merely used for marine navigation and traffic control. They are also intrinsic pieces of technology for summoning rescue services in cases of emergencies. As the first line of communication for most ships, investing in a quality VHF marine radio is essential to any time spent in open waters whether in commercial or personal vessels.

Shop VHF Marine Radios from Allied eParts

VHF radios, also known as Very High Frequency radios, come in different forms including analogue or digital, and fixed or portable radio sets. Allied eParts is the main authorised distributor of reputable brands like Entel Radios and Jotron in Asia. We provide a variety of radios, including many intrinsically safe VHF marine radios in compliance with IMO SOLAS and GMDSS standards. Our portable VHF radios are cost-effective and made of durable, high-quality materials. Their ergonomic designs provide one-handed, user-friendly operation. Some of our VHF marine radios are even fully submersible up to certain levels—a suitable feature for the harsh conditions out at sea.

Authorised Distributor of VHF Marine Radios in Asia

With over 20+ years of experience in the industry, Allied eParts is Asia’s leading marine electronics distributor providing marine navigation and communication products like VHF radios to companies, ship chandlers, ship managers, ship owners, system integrators, shipyards and more at the best prices possible. We keep ready stock at our warehouses across the Southeast Asian region and the larger Asian continent to supply our customers with products on demand. Our dedicated sales and technical customer support team can be reached for more information regarding our selection of products. Contact us today to get a quote.